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Can anyone help me make a woven leather bracelet?
When I was a younger girl, a leather shop wove a bracelet using a long piece of leather cord, right onto my wrist in a braided pattern. It looked like an endless braid when done. I am trying to find out how to do this and cant find any tutorials online. Does anyone know what I am talking about?………
Young girls that dress inappropriately....?
Yesterday I saw a girl of about 13 shopping with who I assumed to be her mother.

Mother was dressed in a tight denim mini, seamed stockings and high heels, but the girl, although young had a skimpy boob tube top, leather mini, torn fishnets and tarty boots.

Do your guys ever wear things you dislike, or did you ever wear things your parents disliked or stopped you wearing?
My parents were always strict when it came to skirts. They HAD to fall to the knee and be conservative. They actually discouraged wearing skirts unless it was a special occasion. Skanky shirts were another problem. Some I could get away with if I wore anothe shirt with it, either over or under.
I know that society has changed a lot in regards to teens and preteens dressing. But I think that mother was setting a BAD example. I work with a youth group, and when a young girl comes in with skanky clothes, we make her change. Sometimes we even give her a grey tshirt to wear. It completely ruins her outfit but she is not exposed anymore.
On a very cold bone chilling nite, why do young girls wear mini skirts that make them look like sluts?
I came back from a bar the other night in Boston. I went into this diner that stays open illegally til 4 am. -Hello IRS. I see these young girls, maybe 19-22 years old with their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. These girls wear the shortest and tightest miniskirts that if you bend over, I am sure you would see a lot of "south of the border". They also wear these skanky high heal faux leather boots. Is this the fashion for girls now-a-days when they go out to a club? Prostitutes dress more conservative than what I saw. For any normal young woman out there, would you wear such risque clothing on a bone chilling night when the temperature is 0?
Lol you sound like a good laugh. I agree and I'm a girl. They're just after attention.. but come off looking like cheap sluts.
For all young adults out there??boys and girls....?
1-Magial equations

If you're excpecting to read another dump story of pyrokinetic heroes,evil ,dueling wizards,and deadly monsters,then I think you've chosen the wrong book.Our story begins in a quiet british street,where victor Crow along with his fairly odd parents lived in a small appartement set in a broad red bricked building.But I don't like to speak of victor crow so casually,for his role in this story is far more bigger than any one would excpect.Victor Crow was 7 years old,when he first found out that he can do math so spontaneously,as a newly married lady would cook for husband,after extensive lessons with her mother.But victor's talent in solving complex,equations,and even creating new ones was undoubtley miraculous.

Since the age of 5 Victor's father,elliot crow,provide victor with a huge amount of books,and especially math books.elliot was keen on teaching his son reading since early age,but he wasn't expecting his son to show any evident interest or even grasping to what he offered from long sessions of solving quadrantial,and calculus equations.Blowing away his father's expetations,victor showed utter genius,and profound understanding to the most complex concepts in those math books.

But at the night of his 9th birthday utterly weird things happened .while lounging on the living room sofa solving an equation in his late math homework,victor felt a surge of fear,mingled with excitement run through his body,And a moment later the equation glittered with green light on the the pale white page of the copybook ,and everything all around him from the couch's red pillows to the TV began floating high up in the air.Nothing happened,for ten seconds, until Elliot crow,scuttled into the living room with his long Victorian coat on,he held the copybook from victor's hand and shut it straight cover facing cover,Elliot looked aound him,and everything banged back to the ground.He smiled wryily at victor,who was motionless on the sofa."better you drink some water before answering any math equations",he took out a glass bottle of water from his inner chest pocket,and handed it to victor.Victor gulped up the bottle,and gazed back at his father with revulsion "ughh,this not water,it tastes very salty".A transparent liquid with a tinge of red stirred in the bottle,as victor handed it back to his father.Elliot vanished away,prancing out of the living room.But beside the strange taste of water.Victor seemd to forget the flying living room,he was gazing into the ceiling.It was the first time his father smiled to him,it was the first time he truly spoke to him without scolding him for no obvious reason.

But the biggest incident of all took place in school.At that time victor was 14.He usually ambled through the iron gates of his school,with a frowning face and,stiff ,fast strides.He held under his armpit a closed notebook,in which he solved his math equations.,victor sat down at the far left corner of the class,a position that never allowed him a good view of the black board,but he never cared for what was written on it.Mr.brown came in,with a short blonde girl beside him cupping the long tower of copybooks in her hands.She laid them down on the teacher's desk,and waited for Mr brown to allow her to return back to her seat."you can go kitty"the young girl smiled and walked back to her desk.Mr brown sat down cross legged on his chair that was facing the middle of the board,and took off from his battered leather bag the marks file

"victor crow" he began"0 out of 20"

Mr.brown sprang up pushing back his seat with the back of his knees,and glared at victor"how marvelous,how marvelous mr crow"

But victor was swimming in a sea all of his own,he couldn't even hear Brown's mocking remark.He laid the notebook open on his legs,dipped his head under the desk,and kept on scribbling down endless lines of numbers.

"mr crow,stand up"said mr brown standing right infront of victor's desk.

Vicotor gave no reply,motionless in his wooden seat.

"mr crow stand up"brown nearly shrieked breaking into a thiner voice out of anger

Victor shuddered,and stood up,poking the notebook under the desk.

"yes mr brown"

"you got 0 out of 20 in the geography exam.happy aren't you"

"no sir"

"then what the heck are you doing under the desk??"

"nothing sir,a late h-w"


"no sir"

"you were answering your god damned math equations,I saw you and here they're you"

Mr brown pushed victor down on the desk,poked a hand between victor's open legs and wheedled out the red notebook.

"here it is,you think yourself a genius ha??"Mr brown was leafing through the endless pages filled up with numbers"you think yourself great,but let me tell you little fellow you're nothing,here me,nothing.A weirdo who thinks that he can impress some girls with meaningless're…."

Mr brown stopped,peering at the open page.It was filled up with sideways equations,one of them was spa
"If you're excpecting to read another dump story of pyrokinetic heroes,evil ,dueling wizards,and deadly monsters,then I think you've chosen the wrong book."

Talking down to your readers in the first sentence is a major turn-off. Sorry, but I refuse to read past that.
Sex sell girls short? -what do you think?
WASHINGTON (National Catholic Register) – Products such as Bratz dolls clad in leather mini-skirts abound on the market for girls under age 10. Teen magazines and television shows promote underdressed celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears as role models. A porn actress writes a best-selling autobiography, and pre-teen girls show up at her book signings.


Parents have long expressed concern that their daughters are being “sexualized” by merchandise and mass media.

Sex sells, and it is increasingly being used to market clothing, toys and entertainment to young girls.

But is society selling these girls short? What are the long-term implications of teaching a guy that she must look and behave like a sexual object to be fashionable or popular?

The American Psychological Association addressed the issue in a recent study. It formed a task force to define sexualization, examine its prevalence and provide examples in society and in cultural institutions. The task force also set out to evaluate the evidence suggesting that sexualization has negative consequences for girls and for society. It described positive alternatives to help counteract it.

The report, published Feb. 19, defined sexualization as something “occurring when a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified.” Results showed that every media form contributed to the sexualization of girls and young women by portraying them in a sexual manner more often than boys and men.

Task force member Sharon Lamb, co-author of “Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters From Marketers’ Schemes,” said marketers play a significant role in sexualizing girls. “They are reaching down to younger and younger girls, selling a version of what it means to be a teenager,” she said. “According to them it is all about being hot and sexy.”

The task force also found that parents, teachers and peers may also contribute to the sexualization by conveying the message that physical appearance is the most important goal for a girl. The study went on to suggest that girls may also play a part in sexualizing themselves by wearing clothing to make them look “sexy,” thus viewing themselves as sexual objects.


The American Psychological Association’s report concluded that sexualization was damaging to all women, but particularly to younger girls who are still forming a sense of self. Negative effects include increased risks of depression, eating disorders and low self-esteem. It also discussed the negative impact the sexualization of girls can have on society as a whole as it affects other groups, including men and boys.

Catholic psychiatrist Richard Fitzgibbons sees narcissism in our culture with the worship of the body. He points to media outlets such as MySpace and YouTube.

“These Internet programs contribute to a person believing their identity is determined by their body,” he said. “A girl typically puts pictures of herself online to get attention and comments from others. Some girls get so caught up in the Internet culture, their own self-worth is measured by how their Internet ‘friends’ view their physical appearance.”

Citing John Paul II’s 1994 “Letter to Families,” Fitzgibbons explained that permissive parenting can cause a girl to succumb to sexualization. “Girls are at risk when parents fail to correct selfishness, form modesty and monitor friendships,” he said.

The task force recommends educating parents on the dangers of sexualizing girls and urges them to become more involved in viewing media with their guyren. The task force also encouraged organized groups to step up and confront the issue by offering girls “practical and psychological alternatives to the values conveyed by popular culture.”

“If marketers and the media assume more of a social conscience, this sexualization of girls can be prevented,” said Lamb. “Parent protests and support of watchdog groups are also important.”

Joseph D’Agostino of the Population Research Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization, asserts that the American Psychological Association’s report stops short by failing to mention the sexualization of girls as a result of the feminist movement. In a weekly briefing, he wrote, “The politically correct view is that the sexualization of girls and feminism are opposing forces, but in fact they have gone hand-in-hand.”

D’Agostino attested that feminism teaches girls that chastity oppresses them and a girl must liberate herself sexually to be equal with men.

“They have taught that there are no natural limits to sexuality,” he wrote. “Based on feminist principles, why shouldn’t little girls sexualize themselves? And why shouldn’t adult men and women view them as sexual if there is no such thing as unnatural sexuality?”

Fitzgibbons said parents must “grow in wisdom as authoritative parents.” He also encouraged priests and Catholic educators to “communicate the truth about sexual morality and warn of the dangers of the sexual utilitarian philosophy and the contraceptive mentality.”

Reaching Out

Fitzgibbons recommends reading John Paul II’s 1994 Letter to Families and his 1981 Apostolic Exhortation, “Familiaris Consortio” (“The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World”), as well as teaching guyren the truth about human sexuality.

“An excellent resource is Theology of the Body for Teens by Jason Evert, Brian Butler, Mark Hart and Crystalina Evert from Ascension Press,” he said.

Catholic groups have recognized this crisis and are reaching out to young women. Pure Fashion, an organization that helps women ages 14-18 “embrace their authentic beauty and innate dignity as guyren of God, focuses on guiding young women to live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities.”

According to Rhonda Boyle, Pure Fashion’s national assistant, the program is designed to combat the sexualization of girls through fashion.

“We are working hard,” she said, “to change our culture by creating role models who will live a life of purity and modesty in fashion in their schools, churches and communities.”

- - -

Bethany Noble, based in Phoenix, Ariz., is a correspondent for National Catholic Register.

- - -

Copyright © 2007 Circle Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Republished with permission by Catholic Online from the Aug. 26 - Sept. 1, 2007, National Catholic Register (, a Catholic Online Preferred Publishing Partner.
the religious leaders controlled us in the past, all that sexual oppression was to keep us from having orgies and impregnating each others wives.

want to know what i think? Western civ. has peaked and just like the islamic, roman, and greek empires we are experimenting with gender roles and sexuality before we fall.

its a "players" world now.

last days of rome, make hay!
Do you think guys are growing up to quickly nowadays?
Young girls in particular, the other day I went to the movies and there was this herd of young girls (7 - 9) all standing there wearing knee-length hooker boots, high heels, short skirts, revealing shirts (you could see bra straps stretched across their backs) and most of them had massive leather purses and bags. There was a hell of a lot of giggling and pink as well, they were also extremely rude to everyone around them. Very annoying =/
i agree completely with you. but, unfortunately there is nothing to do about it, as long as the enviornment teach them so, and parents have no influence.
Why do female pop stars dress for men?
When men wouldn't be interested in buying their music? Their music is targeted towards young girls but they dress for men, i'm talking about girls like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, (insert Disney star here), uh I dunno... Jennifer Lopez, etc... I don't get it. Personally I don't really care because I can't stand that kind of 'music' (if you could call it that) anyway but i've always wondered why they dress the way they do if their fan base is mostly young women... Also, do you think they're sending out a bad message? I heard a Rhianna song (oh there's another one for you) about S&M and I imagined little pre teen girls listening to it and I dunno it grossed me out a little. I see little girls wearing patent leather high heeled boots and tiny skirts and I thank god I grew up in the 90's. Any thoughts?
Actually, some men do buy their music, but I guess the idea is that if you are seen as a sex symbol, you will be more economically viable, across the board. If you are sexy, people pay more attention.

But obviously that is complete crap. That a woman should be "sexy" in order to be a successful singer or performer is ludicrous, and a testament to the fact the women still have a long way to go.
I have a very old morroccan camel leather purse. how can i restore the suppleness of the leather?
my mother gave me a morroccan camel leather purse that she was given when she was a young girl. i am interested in bringing it out of my closet because of its amazing vintage appeal, but the leather is somewhat dry. it is still a little supple, but i dont want to bring it out without restoring it to its original suppleness. i also was wondering what sort of treatment i could put on it to protect it from the environment if i do bring it out. any suggestions? the purse is beautifully carved all over- i didnt know if that would affect the way i should care for it.
I restore vintage handbags all the time and the very best treatment to clean and refresh, but also revive leather (whatever the animal it came from!) is probably to "polish" it with some neutral (i.e. not coloured) shoe cream - not wax but cream.

To fully restore your bag, you may have to apply the cream then polish it off quite a few times over to achieve the desired effect.

Hope this helps!

P.S. the fact that the leather of your bag was tooled will not affect the product you should use on it but I must warn you that the cream may well decide to "stagnate" in the smaller and more intricate parts of the design which means you might have quite a job removing it from there during the polishing phase(s) - some cotton buds may be of help if this occurs!
Why are younger girls attracted to me instead of girls my age?
I'm a 20 year old guy in college. Little bit about myself; I'm an avid bodybuilder, I dress pretty crazy because it's just my style, leather jackets, offensive concert t shirts and I have short hair that is usually dyed crazy colors, like right now it is blue and green.

I notice girls that are probably 16-17, high school aged, usually seem enamored with me. While women my age don't care about me. I figure its one of two things, the first being, they might find me immature and stupid and ignore me. Or they think i'm dangerous and bad news so they avoid me.

As to why high school girls always seem intersted in me, I have absolutely no idea. Do you know why? and how come girls my age don't care about me, are the reasons I listed possible?
it happens to me too but i'm 18yrs and girls of about 13-14-15 are enamored with me i think its because we look younger maybe or we have boyish facial features but i dont think its a bad thing though :))
Why are younger girls attracted to me?
I'm a 20 year old guy in college. Little bit about myself; I'm an avid bodybuilder, I dress pretty crazy because it's just my style, leather jackets, offensive concert t shirts and I have short hair that is usually dyed crazy colors, like right now it is blue and green.

I notice girls that are probably 16-17, high school aged, usually seem enamored with me. While women my age don't care about me. I figure its one of two things, the first being, they might find me immature and stupid and ignore me. Or they think i'm dangerous and bad news so they avoid me.

As to why high school girls always seem intersted in me, I have absolutely no idea. Do you know why? and how come girls my age don't care about me, are the reasons I listed possible?
the younger girls like you because your unique and different and there unlikely to be looking for serious relationships, whereas at your age the girls are looking for serious relationship's and because your unique i don't think they take you all too seriously, but remember be yourself because you'll want to find someone who loves you for who you are, and i believe there is always someone there just be yourself, get out there and meet new people and you'll soon find that person

©, young girls in leather