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How does blonde hair stay blonde when wet?
I have naturally blonde hair and when it gets wet it goes a lot darker, which is normal. But some blondes stay super blonde even when their hair is soaked. I was just wondering why this is.
Yeah I have natural blonde hair too its kind of like a strawberry/golden blonde but ya it gets really dark but i think its like if u have a bright white blonde hair then ur hair would look golden if it gets wet and if u have golden itll look brown when wet and when brown itll look black and so on and so on...
I'm probably not right but thats just a suggestion :)
What to do with blonde wet hair?
i have blonde hair and its slightly damaged from uses combs on wet hair a couple months back. now i just let it freely airdry however it wants and dont brush or comb on it with wet or dry hair. am i doing the right thing? i just really dont want more damage!
I would think if you didn't untangle it at all after a shower it would get all knotty? If you comb it right it shouldn't be terrible for your hair. Supposed to start at the bottoms with a wide toothed comb and work your way up...etc etc.

And wash your hair every other day.
How come when blonde hair is wet it looks brown?
lol what a question hey but ive always wondered? i have a natural blonde colour in my hair and when i shower its darker. this happens to prettymcuch every blonde woman though
anyoneknow why?
Every color gets darker when it gets wet. Because the spaces between each individual hair is now replaced with water, appearing more dense to light, causing it to look darker.
Can you die the black & blonde hair extensions at wet seal darker?
i want them really bad and i would get them if i can die them darker. if i went to the hairdresser and i told her to die my hair a darker brown with the extensions still in, would they be ruined and fall apart?
Assuming they are Synthetic, No. They will melt and will ruin them. Human hair, You can do whatever you please with them.
Can you get your hair wet in a pool the day after highlighting it blonde?
myt hairs already dirty blonde an natually very very blonde.
um...it would most likely turn green....especially if you dont wash the chlorine out your hair good....it will be a ugly green tint to your hair
I just got blonde highlights in my hair. Can I go swimming and get my hair wet or would my hair change color?
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't dye my hair very often, and I don't want it to turn green or anything. Thanks!

If you go swimming the chlorine will turn your new locks green! Also, your hair will become brittle and break off if exposed to chlorine and sun. To stop this, rub a really thick conditioner in your hair before you get in the pool, dont rinse, but only put about a dime size, so that you dont leave a mess in the pool. This is what we learned in beauty school. leave in conditioners are too thin and often contain alchohol which is bad for your hair.. you dont want your hair baking in the sun right? swim caps look rediculous and are not needed here.
How come when your blonde when your hair turns darker when its wet??
When i srunch my hair i look like a totaly diffrent person cuz my hair is brown!!! and i dont like it.
Asked like a true blonde.
Why does blonde hair turn brown when it gets wet?
My hair turns dark, dark brown when it gets wet...
When your hair is dry it's not as dense as when it's wet. Your hair needs light to reflect the blond in it. (In the dark, your hair will look a lot darker too) This is why it looks brown when wet. My reddish/blond hair looks completely different when wet too!
I have platinum blonde hair, do all platinum blonde's hair look red/orange(ish) when wet?
i have PLATINUM blonde hair...it looks orangish redish whenever i get out of the shower or the pool anywhere where my hair gets wet... does ya'lls hair do that or is it just the dye/highlights i got?
It should be turning all white. Yea, I think it is your highlights.

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