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I am a female into foot fetish, any males or other females also have a foot fetish?
I recently realized I have a foot fetish, am I alone?
Uhh....no, you are not alone.....not by a long shot.

I love beautiful, well maintained sexy feet. Nice high arches. All 5 toes the perfect length from shortest to longest. I love when a woman takes her nylon pedicured feet out of her leather heels after a long day and lets me rub, kiss, and smell them. Just perfect.
I have a female foot fetish. Girls, is there any way to find someone who wont be weirded out(truthfully)? How?
I have extremely reluctant to try to form relationships with women because I fear my fetish will eventually get in the way. The more honest your assessment, the better.
The feet are a very sensual part of the body for many people. I would never be offended if a man wanted to rub them and kiss them and whatever else! Now, if you don't do anything besides feet, then that may be a problem! Remember, everything in moderation!
Have you ever known a female to have a foot fetish?
I hear about boys who are obsessed with feet and it turns them on, but I have never ever met or heard of a female with the same fetish. Have you ever known any female with one?
Yes, women can have foot fetishes. I've known of several, and I knew one personally as well. It's less common in women, but it can definitely happen.
Women: Do you have a female foot fetish?
Women: Do you have a female foot fetish? If so, what do you like about the female feet? Would you kiss them (of course, if they are clean and well kept) What about the female foot turns you on?
Ew, I hate feet!
I am young (13) with a female foot fetish PLEASE HELP!!!?
I have a big female foot fetish. I like the women kind of being the "boss". This is the only kind of thing i masturbate to. Is this a problem? and where would i find a girl that likes doing this and understands? i dont want to tell one of my friends (girls) because if we arent friends anymore one day, they would tell people
hey dude....don't worry about it. I have a mad foot fetish and i'm only 14...i'm currently dating someone who is kinda cute and has crazy hot feet. She knows I have a foot fetish and takes care of her feet extra well. So what you need to do is just chill and look for a girl with cute feet. If she likes you...she'll be perfectly ok with it. Just be PATIENT....thats what i did
Why Am I Gay and why do i have a foot fetish?
I understand i have a foot fetish for male feet (which i think is abnormal), and i am gay. So then can i have a foot fetish for female feet too. because male feet arouse me while a women's feet dont.
My next question is why I am gay, is it genetic or environmental, and can it be reversed if you have reached maturity.
A foot fetish is nothing to be ashamed of, people have them whether they admit it or not. Not everyone loves feet but like something else that you might not find attractive. Being gay is part of who you are, and it doesnt go away with age but its rather of what youre comfortable with and what you like. Some people experiment when theyre younger and find out that they actually are more comfortable with one sex over the other. It really all depends on what your body and mind likes and wants. It makes you you.
And a foot fetish ranges from person to person...one person might like male feet with soft soles or a guys socked foot...while another person might only like girls painted toes...etc.
Good luck!
Foot Fetish; Are bunions on female feet a turn off to foot fetish guys?
Just generally interested...
All foot guys are different. Some of us like big, some like small, some like clean, some like dirty, and I could go on for a long time describing shockingly specific scenarios, but I won't. Point is, That question can't be answered for all foot guys. Some of us would say yes, some of us wouldn't mind, and a few of us would actually be into it. The answer for me, not that it matters, is a resounded "yes, that would be a major turn-off."

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